Property Photography Pricing

What’s Included?

  • Photographing Your Property

    We will arrange a time that’s suitable with you, attend your property and photograph the interior and exterior of your property

  • Edit Your Images

    Your images will be edited in full and standard resolution.  Standard resolution images are ideal for the web and social media, full resolution images are great for printing or when you need detailed imagery

  • Supply Your Images

    Within 48 hours you will be supplied with a unique link to your images.  Images can then be downloaded and saved in full or standard resolution

Tips to make your property stand out!

  • The Interior

    Clear away the clutter and don’t leave utensils out.  Hide away your bins, and remove any pet bowls.  Try to make it feel nice and bright by opening your blinds and curtains.  Buy some nice flowers and display these around your home.  If its dull outside then make sure your home lights are working to give it that homely feel.  If possible hide away any unsightly wires.  In those bathrooms and toilets hide away any cosmetics and cleaning products, don’t forget to remove that toilet brush too.  The cleaner you can make it will help make your property stand out from the rest.

  • The Exterior

    Hide wheelie bins and move cars. Tidy the access points to the property.   Mow the lawn and give those flower beds a nice weed, why not plant some nice bedding plants.  If you have any patio furniture give it a good clean and set it out nicely.  Tidy away any kids toys too.  We know this is a pain but these are all things that can make your property really stand out!

For all other types of photography please contact us


Norwich Property Photography provides full coverage for commercial and non-commercial properties.

Please note mileage costs may be applicable.  We will confirm this at the initial contact.